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Let's break it down

SEO, Design, and Hosting specialized for Local and Small Businesses
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is what you call making your website worth the money.

You can have a few pages and a contact form, but making sure your site shows up when people search for things on their phones or computers is what makes SEO valuable.

SEO is no longer a game of fooling the search engines. In the past, you could hide content with code and stuff keywords until you forced your way onto page 1. Nowadays, those kind of tactics can get you penalized and taken off search results. Google has a business to run, if people search for things and get spam results, nobody will trust it’s business. It’s very simple.

You can have the greatest business in the world but if people can’t find it, how long will it last?

Google paid Apple 1 billion dollars to keep it’s search bar on the iphone. Seeing that most everyone has an iphone or droid, when your customers search with their phones, Google will be the search engine they use. People don’t always use their phones so when on a desktop, returning in Bing’s results or even Yahoo’s can mean potential new customers.

SEO is a science.

We subscribe to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and best practices ensuring your site never receives a penalty or is de-indexed. Black Hat techniques can get you results but with the consistent updates to the algorithm of Google’s search engine, the risk isn’t worth it.
SEO, Design, and Hosting specialized for Local and Small Businesses
Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

This is the coveted page 1.

Page 1 is what every business wants and what every person uses. If you’re not on page 1 or 2, you might as well not even be on the internet. Studies show the average person takes about 3 seconds to make up their mind if they’re choosing you or not.

The farther down the list you are, the less likely you’re picked.

The SERP can be broken down into three areas.

  • Paid listing – Top of the page. These are the ads most people ignore. If you’re willing to pay they can get results.
  • Local listing – Listed second. Specifically for business and shown on map listings for Google and Bing.
  • Organic listing – Displayed last. Where the most relevant information is displayed.

As a business, returning for local and organic is a necessity.

How triXbe does it

SEO, Design, and Hosting specialized for Local and Small Businesses


This is the backbone.

Do this wrong and your SERP’s will be paralyzed.


This is the heart.

Be original.  People follow what inspires them.


This is the word.

If different places say different things do you trust it?

Sound body, sound mind

We know these three basics can take a site nobody knows about and make it into a thriving business.

  • Code – Things like utilizing proper h1 header tags and implementing microdata are simple changes that can improve your visibility in SERP’s.
  • Content – Google wants original content that contributes valuable information to whatever subject you’re trying to promote.  NO COPY AND PASTE.
  • Credibility – Your online and directory listings have to be consistent.  Same address, same phone number, same working hours.

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