Mission Statement – join our tribe

triXbe Mission Statement

Building business, building people, and building change.

What is triXbe?

It all started with the trixbe - Mission Statement logo. At first we wanted to call ourselves Xpert Webmasters. “Great idea!” said all the Yes Men. And then we talked to a real person, who thought their own real thoughts. He said, “Isn’t that redundant?” Being the rational and logical people we are, surpressing the volatile reaction to being called idiots wasn’t too hard. Yes, we felt dumb, but we also felt relieved. Having someone there looking out for our interests and telling us what he really felt was invaluable.

So right then and there we changed the name.

We wanted to keep the trixbe - Mission Statement logo so we thought, how about Xtribe? Nope, not available. We would have even settled for tribeX. Fortunately for us, both those were taken and we came to the conclusion we were triXbe. We wanted to incorporate the imagery and mantra of what a TRIBE is. We wanted to make people feel like they belonged and we were in this together. We wanted to tell people that we will look out for your best interests and always tell you what we feel is best. Even if it makes you feel dumb.

That’s our tritrixbe - Mission Statementbe.  That’s our tribe.

Being apart of triXbe isn’t just designing your website, implementing SEO tactics, or hosting your domain, it’s about building something bigger.

What do you need?